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1.  Classic Event, Camp Tahuaya Day Meet - Saturday, December 1, 2018 

  • White Beginner (Beginner) - Manual Punch (2-3 Km, Easy)
  • Yellow (Beginner) - Manual Punch (3-5 Km, Easy to Medium)
  • Orange (Intermediate) - Manual Punch (4-7 Km, Medium)
  • Green/Red (Advanced) - Electronic Punch (ePunch) (4-7 Km, Hard)

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards to highest score for the day for each category.

Participants can register for any or all events. Awards are given for each
event. There is no need to be present for both days to obtain an award.


2.  Night-O (Score-O), Camp Tahuaya - Saturday, December 1, 2018

  • Mass start at 7:00 pm, 1 hr time limit.
  • Start and Finish is at the Dining Hall. Awards ceremony at 8:10 pm.
  • Awards ceremony at 8:10 pm.


3.  Training Day, Camp Tahuaya - Sunday, December 2, 2018

  • This will be a round robin of training topics and associated activities with three mini courses and an introduction to radio-orienteering
  • Awards will be given for the winning teams throughout the day.


Manual Punch   Electronic Punch (ePunch)


Map Scale:  1:5000   Contour Interval:  3 m

Meet Contact Person: Radu Greavu

Course Setter:  Radu Greavu


Event Location:  BSA Camp Tahuaya, 2603 Tahuaya Dr., Belton, TX  76513

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Check-in/Package Pick-up and On-site registration for all events
9:15 AM Orienteering Class for Beginners Instruction
10:00 AM Day#1 Camp Tahuaya First Start
2:30 PM Awards Ceremony
3:00 PM Course Closed. All participants must have returned to Finish
6:30 PM Night-O On-site registration opens
6:50 PM Night-O Map handout
7:00 PM Night-O Mass start
8:00 PM Night-O Finished
8:10 PM Night-O Awards
8:20 PM Night-O Control Pick-up
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Training Courses On-site registration
9:00 AM Training Sessions Start
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Mini Point-to-Point Course
12:30 PM - 2:50 PM Round Robin Events (Memory-O; Jigsaw Relay; and Radio-Orienteering)
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Training Finale: Bag Pick-up Race
4:10 PM Training Feedback and Awards

Online registration closes at 10 PM on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

  • Online registration is highly encouraged. The number of maps with preprinted courses is based upon Online registration numbers.

Entry Costs:







Map Hiker

(Non-competitive per map)

AOC Member


  1 Day Registration (Sat. or Sun.) Preregistered





  1 Day Registration (Sat. or Sun.) On-site Registration





  Night-O Pre-Registered





  Night-O On-site Registration





  2-Day (not including Night-O) Pre-Registered $18 $20 $5 $4
  2-Day (not including Night-O) On-site Registration $22 $25 $7 $4
  2-Day including Night-O Pre-Registered $20 $22 $5 $5
  2-Day including Night-O On-site Registration $25 $28 $7 $5

*There are NO REFUNDS, but we can often place other runners on a missing entrant’s card if they have a waiver or hold an account balance until the next event. Make checks payable to AUSTIN ORIENTEERING CLUB.

All participants (individual competitors and each member of a group) must complete an Entry Waiver. To save time on the event day, complete the waiver in pen and bring it with you to the event.There are NO REFUNDS, but we can often place other runners on a missing entrant’s card if they have a waiver. Make checks payable to AUSTIN ORIENTEERING CLUB.

  • Those without a completed waiver will not be permitted to participate in the event.

Directions to Camp Tahuaya: 

From the North:   Take I-35 south to exit 289a about 4 miles south of Belton, TX.  Turn right onto Tahuaya Rd and go 1.2 miles to the Camp.  After Tahuaya Rd curves to the north, go straight onto the gravel road.  The start and finish will be about a quarter mile up on the left (west side) near the main lodge.  You can park either in the gravel areas near the lodge or the field on the right side of the road.


From the South:  Take I-35 north from Austin past Georgetown to 53.5 miles from the 290 – I-35 junction to exit 289a about 4 miles south of Belton, TX.  Turn left to cross the freeway, turn left again to the south.  Then take an immediate right onto Tahuaya Rd and go 1.2 miles to the Camp.  After Tahuaya Rd curves to the north, go straight onto the gravel road.  The start and finish will be about a quarter mile up on the left (west side) near the main lodge.  You can park either in the gravel areas near the lodge or in the field on the right (east) side of the main road.  Buses go to the right.


  • Camping is available for both Friday and Saturday nights at Camp Tahuaya for $2.50/person/night.
  • Unless there is a burn ban, campfires are allowed. Reserve camping through AOC at registration and pay AOC on site at check-in.
  • Underage campers must be accompanied by an adult. We will reserve campsites for each group once registered and post reservations at the campsite entrance as well as online.
  • Any campsites not marked as reserved starting the Friday of the event are first come first serve. We will occupy the ones south of the dining hall first and spread north if necessary.

Course Mapper/Setter Notes:

Camp Tahuaya is a 147 acre camp with the largest spring in Texas. At the center of the camp is Lake Boyd Callon which is stocked with trout. A spring-fed creek feeds into the Lake from the central west side of the camp and runs out of the lake on the north side into the Lampasas River. The north side of the Camp is bounded by the Lampasas River. It looks like a creek and can be easily crossed with only slight wading. The south, east, and west sides of the camp are bounded by barb wire fences. There are a few cliff areas where north-south trending creeks have cut through limestone and on the north side of the camp where the river has downcut through the limestone. The vegetation is varied from dense juniper in sections to fairly open easy running through the forest. There are also multiple campgrounds scattered throughout the south and east side of the camp and archery, skeet and rifle ranges on the north side. Tahuaya has a rich lore of history. The sparkling cold springs attracted the camps and burial grounds of prehistoric Plainview Man, and later Native Americans of several tribes. The Spanish Conquistadors built their forts and, according to legend, buried their gold here. Texas settlers built a grinding mill and millrace whose ruins are now historic landmarks in the camp. The Old Military Road and the Shanklin Mill brought thousands of wagons to the spring, carving deep wheel ruts still visible in the stone by the lake. In the late 1800’s and into the 1900’s water from the Spring at Camp Tahuaya was bottled by the Oasis Water Company, a Texas based subsidiary of Perrier. Come visit the camp and soak up a little of its history while running through the woods.

Night-O Event Details:

Start/Finish: At the Dining Hall.
Required Items: Flashlight/head lamp, Cell phone, Watch, Liability Waiver (signed by parent/guardian if under 18). Registration, Liability Waivers and Event Information can be found on the Austin Orienteering Club website at: All participants under 18 must have their liability waiver signed by their parent/guardian. Although on site registration will be accepted, please register each participant on the Austin Orienteering Club website by midnight on Thursday, November 30 so that we have an adequate number of maps printed.

Participants will have one hour to find as many control points as possible and return to the start. All participants must finish by 7:30 pm. As safety is a concern there is a no tolerance policy for late returns. Anyone returning after 7:30 pm will be disqualified. Each control point will be worth one point. Awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Competitors can go as a team or as an individual; Participants under 18 must be on a team.

Training Day:

Required Equipment: Orienteering Gear – clothes for running through the woods; shorts not recommended, you will get scratched up; NO open-toed shoes; map compass; liability waiver; lunch


  • 8:00-9:00 On-site Registration; Waivers required for every participant
  • 9:00-9:05 Introductory Remarks and Instructions
  • 9:10-11:20 Round Robin Sessions (40 min each; 5 min between; 9:10:9:50; 9:55-10:35: 10:40-11:20)
    • Pace Counting and Map Scale; Compass Use and Navigation; Activity/Practice
    •  Map Reading and Clues (Orienting the Map, Scale, Legend, Identifying Features); Activity/Practice
    • Orienteering Technical Terms
      • Attack Point; Aiming Off; Collecting/Catching Feature; Handrail; Contouring; Route Choice; Relocation Activity/Practice
  • 11:30-12:00 Mini Point-to-Point Course; Individual or 2-3 person teams
  • 12:00-12:30 Course Review and Lunch (Bring Your Own)
  • 12:30-2:50 Round Robin (40 min each; 10 min between; 12:30-1:10, 1:20-2:00, 2:10-2:50)
    • Memory-O; 2-3 person teams
    • Jigsaw Relay; 2-3 person teams 
    • Radio-Orienteering
  • 3:00-4:00 Bag Pick-up Race with Jigsaw Pieces same teams as in Jigsaw Relay
  • 4:15 Awards for top 3 teams of Mini Point-to-point course, Memory-O, Jigsaw Relay, and Bag Pick-up Race
  • 4:30 Pick up of any remaining bags left out

Online Registration - Not Opened

For corrections to registration entries please email