1.  Classic Event, Saturday, October 28, 2017 

  • White Beginner (Beginner) - Manual Punch
  • Yellow (Beginner) - Manual Punch
  • Orange (Intermediate) - Manual Punch
  • Green/Red (Advanced) - Electronic Punch (ePunch)

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards to highest score for the day for each category. 

Manual Punch   Electronic Punch (ePunch)


Map Scale:  1:10,000 Contour Interval:  3m;  Beginner Maps may be 1:7500


Meet Contact Person: Jennifer Harker -

Course Setter:  Jennifer Harker


Event Location:  Dana Peak Park, 3800 Comanche Gap Rd., Harker Heights, TX  7654

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Check-in/Package Pick-up and On-site registration
9:30 AM Orienteering Class for Beginners
10:00 AM Classic Event First Start
2:00 PM Awards Ceremony
3:00 PM - 4:15 PM Bag Pick-up:  Control Bag pick-up.  Meet at the registration area at 3pm.  Return all bags to the registration area. 

Online registration closes at 10 PM on Thursday, October 26, 2017.

  • Online registration is highly encouraged. The number of maps with preprinted courses is based upon Online registration numbers.

Entry Costs:







Map Hiker

(Non-competitive per map)

AOC Member


  Classic Event Pre-registered





  Classic Event On-site Registration





*There are NO REFUNDS, but we can often place other runners on a missing entrant’s card if they have a waiver or hold an account balance until the next event. Make checks payable to AUSTIN ORIENTEERING CLUB.

All participants (individual competitors and each member of a group) must complete an Entry Waiver. To save time on the event day, complete the waiver in pen and bring it with you to the event.There are NO REFUNDS, but we can often place other runners on a missing entrant’s card if they have a waiver. Make checks payable to AUSTIN ORIENTEERING CLUB.

  • Those without a completed waiver will not be permitted to participate in the event.


White 2.4 km 42 m climb

Yellow 3.1 km 54 m climb

Orange 4.1 km 96 m climb

Advanced 6.2 km 105 m climb

Maps are 8.5x11, 1:10000, 3 m contours. 


Dana Peak has hills!  And rocks!  And lots of open grassy areas that are runnable!  Orange and advanced courses will have a great view of the lake, too. 

The park is officially closed, but the boat ramp is still available (and busy). The pit toilets by the boat ramp are open - all other toilets are locked and the water is off.  Bring your own toilet paper. 

Directions to parking and registration: Enter the park on Comanche Gap Rd. The road will make a 90 degree bend to the right. Go though the unmanned entry gate.  In about 600 meters, just before the boat ramp, there is a gate to the right (normally locked in winter).  Someone should be there to open the gate if you say you're orienteering. Turn here and go down this road (Cherokee Dr) about 500 meters to the next parking lot - enter at the south end and come back to the north because the parking is angled that way. Registration will be at the finish line table, a few tables northeast of the (closed) restrooms.  When it comes time to leave, find an AOC person to go open the gate if we're not up there already.  You may also park at the boat ramp area if you prefer.

Start and finish are in the same general area as parking, so you can wear warm layers while waiting, then leave them in your vehicle while you compete.  It will be cold Saturdaymorning, so come prepared!

The grass has grown particularly well this year, and some of the trails in the grass may be hidden.  Seasonal streams are dry.  There is not a lot of shade on the course. 

All courses cross the main road twice (orange crosses it four times).  Look out for and yield to cars.

Do not swim in the lake as a shortcut, or you will be disqualified.

There are two park host campsites that are occupied year-round. They are marked with purple on the map, near the start. Please avoid their campsites.

At the water stop, please help us keep the park clean, and make sure your trash is actually in the trash bag.  Don't waste water - I have to carry that in by foot Saturday morning, and it will probably only be 3 gallons for everybody.  There will also be water jugs at the start/finish area. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the meet!

Online Registration - CLOSED

First NameLast NameClub NameCourseCourse Type
BenSmithBSA Troop 562White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
KendalO'CallaghanAOCWhite (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
AllenUpdegraffN/AWhite (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
ColtonWallBSA Troop 562White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
NathanGassTroop 8787Orange(Intermediate)Competition
JessicaWilliams-GassTroop 8787White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
WyattGassTroop 8787White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
DougHeneghanTroop 157Red(Advanced)Map Hike (Recreational)
DonaldBerthelsenBSA Troop 562White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
DavidMarquardtBSA Troop 562White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
MariselaSiller n/aOrange(Intermediate)Map Hike (Recreational)
AdrianSillern/aOrange(Intermediate)Map Hike (Recreational)
TomMcNellyAOC (and ROC)Orange(Intermediate)Competition
ZimmerRogersTroop 562White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
Connor YeshBSA Troop 562White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
MarcMcCauleyBSA Troop 43Orange(Intermediate)Competition
DominicWeberTroop 8787Orange(Intermediate)Competition
AshtonThomasBSA Troop 562White (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
Jonathan DavisAustinRed(Advanced)Competition
CarleyMonkLa Vega HS NJROTCWhite (Beginner)Competition
GavinHartmanLa Vega HS NJROTCWhite (Beginner)Competition
HannahSalinasLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
DestinieStewartLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
LaurenBatesLa Vega HS NJROTCWhite (Beginner)Competition
AngelicaFloresLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
DaisyRubalcabaLa Vega HS NJROTCWhite (Beginner)Competition
ColbyMcGoughLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
JasmineHembreeLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
AshleySimsLa Vega HS NJROTCWhite (Beginner)Competition
KathrineBeeneLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
AbelardoDeHoyosLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
SelestinoRamosLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
GisselleRangelLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
NicholasSeybertLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
ByronMilliganLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
JasmineWeirLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
KeylaSanchezChannelview JROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
AngelPortalesChannelview JROTCOrange(Intermediate)Competition
EduardoLopezChannelview JROTCOrange(Intermediate)Competition
LuceroAyalaChannelview JROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
CitlalliVasquezChannelview JROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
ChristopherRiosChannelview JROTCWhite (Beginner)Competition
Elisa LozanotLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
ChelsieMarkwardtLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
HunterTrumpowerLa Vega HS NJROTCWhite (Beginner)Competition
WyattTrumpowerLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
DelvinSmithLa Vega HS NJROTCYellow(Beginner)Competition
JenniferHarkerAOCWhite (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
AllanDuquetteNTOA / HOCRed(Advanced)Competition
Nathan StaverCentral Catholic JROTCOrange(Intermediate)Competition
TimothyWilliamsAOCWhite (Beginner)Map Hike (Recreational)
HenrikHornbyAOCWhite (Beginner)Competition

For corrections to registration entries please email