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1.  Score-O, Saturday, March 9, 2019

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards to highest score for the day for each class/category. 

Map Scale: 1:5000   Contour Interval:  5 m

Meet Director: Nancy Bowers

Course Setter:  Nancy Bowers

Event Location:  St. Edward's Park & Trail, 7301 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Check-in/Control Card Pick-up and on-site registration
9:30 AM Orienteering Class for Beginners
10:00 AM Score-O Event First Start
~12:30 PM Awards Ceremony
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Bag Pick-up:  Control Bag pick-up.  Meet at the registration area at 1PM.  Return all bags to the registration area. 

Online registration closes at 8 PM on Thursday, March 7 , 2019.

  • Online registration is highly encouraged. The number of maps with preprinted courses is based upon Online reguistration numbers.

Entry Costs:







Map Hiker

(Non-competitive per map)

AOC Member


  Classic Event Pre-registered





  Classic Event On-site Registration





*There are NO REFUNDS, but we can often place other runners on a missing entrant’s card if they have a waiver or hold an account balance until the next event. Make checks payable to AUSTIN ORIENTEERING CLUB.

All participants (individual competitors and each member of a group) must complete an Entry Waiver. To save time on the event day, complete the waiver in pen and bring it with you to the event.

There are NO REFUNDS, but we can often place other runners on a missing entrant’s card if they have a waiver. Make checks payable to AUSTIN ORIENTEERING CLUB.

Those without a completed waiver will not be permitted to participate in the event.


From the North:   Take Highway 1 (MoPac) South to the 183/North Capital of Texas Highway exit.  Turn right onto 360 (Capital of Texas Highway).  Continue south on 360 1.8 miles after you cross 183.  Turn right on Spicewood Springs Rd and go 2.3 miles.  The parking and registration area is on the left.

From the Southeast: Either approach from Highway 183 or Highway 290/71

  • From 290/71 take the MOPAC (Highway 1)/Highway 360 (Capital of Texas Highway) North ramp and take the first exit ramp for South Capital of Texas Highway (360).  At the light turn left onto 360 and follow it for 11 miles.  Turn left on Spicewood Springs Rd and go 2.3 miles.  The parking and registration area is on the left.
  • From Northbound 183 take the exit ramp for Capital of Texas Highway/Great Hills Trail/TX 360 Loop.  At the light turn right onto South Capitol of Texas Highway (360).  Go south on 360 1.8 miles.  Turn right on Spicewood Springs Rd and go 2.3 miles.  The parking and registration area is on the left.

From the Southwest:  From 290/71 take the Highway 1 (Mopac) north exit ramp and then take the first exit for South Capital of Texas Highway (360).  At the light turn left onto 360 and follow it for 11 miles.  Turn left on Spicewood Springs Rd and go 2.3 miles.  The parking and registration area is on the left.


Parking:  The main parking lot at the park has very limited parking (~15 cars).  There is a secondary parking location about 200m to the southeast of the main lot, and some additional parking just south of where Spicewood Springs Road crosses Bull Creek. The No Parking signs on Spicewood Springs Road have changed from last year, with parking now officially allowed on the opposite side of the road directly in front of the main parking lot.  Other road-side parking seems to be tolerated on weekends, but pay attention to the signs.  Please carpool if at all possible.  There is no bus parking at the park, nor is there space for buses to turn off the main road and turn around.  Buses please quickly offload your students at the entrance to the park’s parking lot and then proceed to an offsite location to park until you need to pick the students up again.  Spicewood Springs Rd. is narrow and winding with a lot of blind curves.  People tend to drive at fast down this road.  For your safety, please do not loiter on or near the road.

Miscellaneous Park Info.:  There is no camping at this park.  There is a burn ban so no fires of any kind are allowed. Also no alcohol, glass, or styrofoam are allowed.  Please do not litter and dispose of all trash properly.

Course Mapper/Setter Notes:

This is a small park/greenbelt that is managed by the City of Austin that usually only has visitors from the local community and is used by many locals for walking their dogs.  Fencing is present around the boundary of the park.  On the south side, the park is adjacent to the Bull Creek Preserve which is fenced in by an uncrossable high chain-link fence.  Do not go into the preserve!!  There is also a barbed-wire fence on the south side of the park just inside the park from the chain-link fence.  The chain-link fence is the park boundary, when the two fences diverge from each other you can go south of the barbed-wire fence but not past the chain-link fence.  The barbed-wire fence on the south side has some gaps, but is usually upright.  The eastern boundary is Spicewood Springs Rd. which also usually has some form of fencing although it is commonly in disrepair especially on the north end of the park, and the western boundary is a barbed-wire fence.  There is one barbed-wire fence running approximately northeast-southwest through the northern part of the park which is in disrepair and only upright in a couple locations, and one very short (~100m) non-barbwire fence on the west side of the creek in the central part of the park .  Otherwise all other fences indicate the park boundary.  The park is criss-crossed with trails so make sure you know where you are on the map at each trail junction.  The safety bearing is east towards Spicewood Springs Rd. 

The park is dominated by Bull Creek.  The creek flow from north to south through the northwestern part of the park and then bends to flow east near the middle of the park.  In the center of the park, south of the creek is a ~20 m high cliff.  Courses may have climb that takes them above that cliff, so plan on some elevation gain during the course. The main creek bed is full of water, but relatively easy crossing areas are marked on the map.  Expect to get your feet wet (consider bringing a change of shoes for after the race).  Aside from the creek crossings, there should be very little mud, and most (or even all) of the minor watercourses on the map will be dry.  Trails are very rocky and in parts of the map can be steep.  Trail shoes or running shoes are best, spiked shoes are probably not as helpful.

The vegetation is variable from open fields with scattered trees and cactus, to relatively easy navigating woods, to dense vegetation dominated by young ashe junipers which are very difficult to move through.  Although present, briars (thorny vines) are minimal.  This map has more elevation gain than most of our AOC maps, so be prepared for hill climbing if you want to maximize your points.

This course is a score-O, which means that all competitors are looking for the same set of controls and may find them in any order they choose.  Part of your winning strategy will be determining an optimal order and possibly which controls to skip in order to finish inside the 60 minute time limit.  The winner for each age-gender category will be the runner who visits controls worth the most total points.  In the event of a points tie, the winner will the runner with the fastest finish time.  

Controls will be worth 1, 2, or 3 points.  Controls with bag number 1-10 will be worth one point.  Controls with bag number 11-20 will be worth two points.  Controls with bag number 21-30 will be worth three points.  Controls worth one point will generally be the easiest to find, and correspond with a “yellow” course difficulty.  Controls worth three points will either be the farthest from the start and finish areas, require more uphill climb, and/or will be in locations more challenging to orienteer to (similar to a “green” difficulty).   Two point controls will be at an in-between difficulty level.  This event will not use SportIDENT.  All control points will have a paper punch and all runners will need to punch their paper punchcards to get credit for the control.  Please ensure that you punch each control in the correct box, as you will likely not be visiting them in numerical order.

Each runner will have a 60 minute time limit.  Unlike most of our races, going over time will not be an automatic disqualification.  Instead, one point will be deducted from your score for each full minute over their 60 minute time limit to the finish.  (We ask that all recreational map-hikers check in at the finish by noon).  The start and finish will not be at the same location, but will both be a short walk from the main parking lot.  Starts will be staggered with a random start order assignment.  The starting groups will not include two runners in the same age/gender category nor will they include two runners from the same club/school.  Even though all runners will be looking for the same set of controls, we remind everyone that this is an individual competition, and those running for time should be running their own course without direct cooperation with other runners.


Online Registration - Not Opened


For corrections to registration entries please email