2016 United States ARDF Championships

Central Texas, April, 2016

Texas ARDF and the Austin Orienteering Club (AOC) will be sponsoring the 2016 United States Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships April, 2016 in central Texas. The event is open to anyone - there is no previous ARDF experience required, nor are competitors required to have an amateur radio license. Four competitive events as well as practice events will be offered. Most events will be held on terrain with brand new orienteering maps never before used in competition. You can subscribe to a special group mailing list for participants and others interested in these championships by sending a blank e-mail As they become available, more details, including registration costs, rules, detailed schedules, and more will be presented here and on the group mailing list.

The event organizers are looking forward to welcoming you to the 2016 United States ARDF Championships and providing an outstanding radio orienteering experience.

Jen Harker W5JEN, Chairwoman and Course Setter
Ken Harker WM5R, Registrar and Meet Director
Joe Moell K0OV, USA ARDF Coordinator


Registration is now OPEN!

All competitors must indicate the IARU member society they represent on the registration form. The 2016 United States ARDF Championships is a qualifying event for the Team USA selection preceding the 2016 World ARDF Championships. Anyone may enter the championships and compete for medals, but only those who qualify for ARRLrepresentation will be considered for qualification for Team USA in the 2016 World ARDF Championships.

  • April 6: Practice Day: $5
  • April 7: Fox Oring: $10 *
  • April 8: Sprints: $15
  • April 9: 144 MHz Classic: $20
  • April 10: 3.5 MHz Classic: $20
  • Dinner Banquet (April 9): $20
  • T-shirts: $15

* Note: the venue will charge $10/car for parking on-site, not included in
our registration.

Registration will close on Monday, March 28 at 10:00 PM.

  • All participants (individual competitors and each member of a group) must complete an Entry Waiver. To save time on the event day, complete the waiver in pen and bring it with you to the event.
  • Those without a completed waiver will not be permitted to participate in the event.


First NameLast NameAmateur Radio Call SignIARU Member Society or Club NameEntry Category
JosephJosephK5JGHARRL / BOKM60
MarjiGarrettKJ4ZKCARRL / OCINW60
NorbertLinke ARRLM21
DaleHuntWB6BYUARRL / Columbia River OCM60
KuonHuntKB7WRGARRL / Columbia River OCW60
Patrick RSearsAK4JEARRL/BOKM40
NicolaiMejevoi AARLM50
AllaMezhevaya AARLW35
IuriiKolesnykov AARLM50
Scott Moore kf6ikoarrlM50
SaraTeel ARRLW21
MikeMinium ARRL / OCINM50
Ivanko Illia ARDF UkraineM21
SysakMariana ARDF UkraineW21
LoriHuberman BAOCW21
IrynaPanteleimoniuk ARDF UkraineW21
IhorDolynskyi ARDF UkraineM21
MykolaTkach ARDF UkraineM21
ZhonghaoXu ARDF ChinaM19

After filling out this online registration, please mail a check to "Austin Orienteering Club" and post them to the following address directing any questions to

Austin Orienteering Club
c/o Ken Harker
7009 Fireoak Drive
Austin, TX 78759